Praxis für systemische Therapie


EAP could be a tool to support efficiently well-trained professionals. According to an OECD study, one in five employees is increasingly suffering from mental illness, caused by stress and strain. Many companies are therefore investing in the health of their employees and make thus a clear and successful contribution to the health of their employees.

The world of work is changing at a faster pace: cost-intensive efficiency pressure, demographic development, and action based on individual knowledge and social competences place new demands on companies and employees. These steadily growing demands can increasingly lead to stress and workload. Health becomes an economically relevant factor for companies and employees.

The work process

can be affected not only by physical symptoms, but also by emotional factors. (cf. graphic – Aspects of Health – Udris) Unlike physical pain, these are not so easily noticed and can only be read from the individual behavior. Not infrequently, physical symptoms also have psychic causes and vice versa.

EAP – external employee assistance program is introduced when psychological stress arises and affects the work progress. In case of crisis situations related to professional or private backgrounds, EAP is a practicable tool. This is a matter of a limited and predictable external employee assistance. The aim is to carry out an effective professional distinction of occupational and private workloads. The employee is thus given an efficient, short-term support and is again fully efficient. Further fields of application of the EAP are psychological stress of all kinds or the classical addiction counselling.

Your benefits

  • Preventive measures on the productivity and efficiency of the workforce.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) into the health and performance of your employees.

  • Successful securing of specialists and service providers.

  • Competent advice and support for mental stress.

These benefits could

save following services for your company and employees:

  • External Employee Counseling (EAP)

  • Systemic counseling and coaching in your company or in my practice

  • Seminars / Workshops for burnout prophylaxis and stress reduction

  • IFT group program for stress reduction 10 appointments à 1,5 hours funded by the legal health insurance GKV

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

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