Benefit of a private practice

As a private client, you could benefit of several advantages of a private practice. You may have for example no long waiting times, but flexible appointments, such as on weekends. Costs of treatment can be enforced fiscally at the tax office as extraordinary expenses. All records and / or consultations are of course confidentiality and are not necessarily passed on to the legal health insurance.

This can be of particular advantage in the case of a planned change of health insurance, as well as in the case of the completion of supplementary insurance (occupational disability) or in the case of a pending civil servant’s entitlement. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please inform me 48 hours in advance. In the case of shorter term cancellation or not respected appointments, regrettably I will charge you 40 €.


Supplementary insurance

Treatments by the alternative practitioner are currently not reimbursed by the legal health insurance funds (GKV). However fees for alternative medical services are to a certain extent provided by some private health insurance companies.

If your private health insurance covers the costs for alternative practitioner services or if you have a current supplementary insurance with a legal health insurance company, there is the possibility that the costs will be refunded. Regardless of the procedure of your insurance, you pay the fees to me in cash after each session. By making an appointment, you agree to the above conditions.